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Chef Robbie Pirzada challan accused of having a snake

Saturday, the Punjab Department of Protection wildlife has cleared the renowned Pakistani killer Rabi Pirzada for possessing four numbers of eggs and one crocodile.

The challan states that the Wildlife Department received information through social media and world news that Rabi Pirzada had illegally placed four numbers of herds and one number of crocodiles in his salon which was against the Wildlife Act. Is violated.

Therefore, the accused is violated under the Wildlife Act 1972 as amended 2007 for violating the Wildlife Act. Further inquiry is underway. '

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According to the Wildlife Department of Punjab, Rabbi Pirzada shared a video on social media in which he was found with a banned and protected wildlife.

In a fifty-second video on YouTube, Rabbi Pirzada can be seen with the crocodile and crocodile in which he says that a Kashmiri girl is all set with her snakes.

And these are all for Modi and get ready for them, they are all my friends. After that she has been complaining about Kashmir.

Rabbi Pirzada, speaking to the BBC, denied the allegations made in the Wildlife Challenge and said he had done nothing illegal.

They said I had no herbs, but no fish or snakes. It's been four months since my salon closed. But these fish and snakes were obtained from the spears located in the street near their house and were often kept from them for their various recordings, etc., which were returned to them.

He raised the question that there are snakes, etc., in the recording of many of my songs with which I have been shot. Why did the Wildlife Department not contact me at this time, why not give me notice?

"Why did this happen when I talked about Kashmir and Modi?"

Rabbi Pirzada said that action against me was actually being done to appease Modi. 'This video was created exclusively at the backstage during a shoot at GNN Television Studios because I wanted to talk about Kashmir.

They say that there is no old-fashioned war at this time, now social media is war.

Ideas are to be given on social media. That idea goes ahead and spreads the message. The video along with my snake was a message of a Pakistani Kashmiri girl. That is how this video should be taken.

Rabbi Pirzada has also released a video in which he says that a few years ago I saw people kill snakes and creeping animals. To which I started helping the people who were doing it. Although this work was from the Department of Wildlife, they did not and I did.

What does Punjab Wildlife Department say?

Sohail Ashraf, director general of Wildlife Punjab Department, told the BBC that snakes, dragonflies, but mosquitoes or other creeping animals would be protected within the law. They are prohibited from hunting, keeping pets in homes or buying and selling.

Rabbi Pirzada has shared his video in which he is accompanied by a four-digit herd and crocodile which is being prosecuted according to law. The challan has been sent to the court where it will also give its stand after which the decision will be made according to law.

He said that the Department of Wildlife has requested a search warrant from the court for export of crocodiles and herbivores appearing in the video. When this permission is granted, the crocodiles and herbivores appearing in the video will also be tried. ۔

Deputy Director of Wildlife Punjab Wildlife Department Naeem Bhatti told the BBC that his department has, in the past, initiated proceedings against those who have been declared victims of illegal warfare or who have no pets with them. And share it on social media and mislead other people as well.

The video on Rabbi Pirzada's action was also a sequel to the series.

During the last three months, at least 20 people have been prosecuted via social media.

Naeem Bhatti said that under the Animal Husbandry Act no license is allowed. If found guilty in court for violating this law, he could be sentenced to two to five years in prison, a fine of two lakh to one million, both or one.

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