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Israeli Elections: Benjamin Gains Benjamin Nathan Yahoo

Extremist Jewish leader trailing in political struggle. Struggle with a moderate Jewish leader

Tel Aviv September 17 ( Israeli vote late last night is being considered a referendum on the decision of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political destiny, in which he is succeeded by his moderate rival and former military commander Benny Gaines. There is a competition for Kant in which Benny Gaines is being taken one step further. It is important to note that Beni Gaines has the full support of Israeli Arab Union and it is also speculated that he may have the opportunity to form a government with the Arab Union after announcing the results.

Netanyahu became Israel's long-serving prime minister in July, and he is facing fierce opposition for the first time in several years. It should be noted that six months before the elections in Israel, after which the Prime Minister failed to form the Governing Council, after which elections are now taking place. In the first round, exit polls said Israel still faces the same situation as in April. Nathan Yahoo and his right-wing block managed to win a majority of 61 seats. Gaines' party has been shown to be modest in two exit polls. According to a Channel 12 executive poll, the alliance could hold 34 seats, while Nathan Yahoo! The alliance is projected to get a total of 11 seats to the Arab Union. Eight seats can be found at Lieberman's party. Meanwhile, an exit poll on Channel 13 has been introduced

It said that Beni Gaines' party would get 33 seats and that Netanyahu's party could get 31 seats and could be two seats behind Gaines. It should be noted that in Israel, the votes were cast in the polls today and the counting of votes began after the completion of late voting in accordance with Indian standard time, which showed Bennie Gaines a slight lead over Netanyahu. Earlier today, the second phase of voting took place in the Israeli general election. These elections are important to Arab voters. The outcome of the Israeli elections will affect the future of Palestinians and Arabs in the Middle East.

Arab voters are going to play a key role because this time Arab voters have increased their participation in voting. Israeli Arab voters make up about 6 percent of the country's 5.8 million voters. Last time several Arab voters boycotted the election, which is why the Arab parties won only 10 seats. In the past, the number of Arab delegates with 15 seats was reduced to 10, and the representation of Arabs in parliament was threatened. Israeli Arab voters have risen in the current election. Israeli Arab leaders have set up their own United Arab Forum under the leadership of its leader Ayman Oudh.

The Arab Forum will endorse Beni Gaines' Blue and White party if it gets 60 seats. Arab leaders claim they will form a center-left coalition by uniting with Baines Gaines. They also claim that they will win 28 seats this time. Provided that 65% of Arab citizens vote in their favor. It is reported that 10% of Arab citizens participated in the voting in the previous elections, but this time 70% of Arabs voted in solidarity against Netanyahu.

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