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BLOG | Must understand the pain of the leftist too ..!

Sandeep Dange's read a post about the problem of how the left-right brain is affected. However, some of the observations that I have made in the present are in essence.

1. Increasing proportion of leftists:
About 5 years ago, the proportion of leftists was equal to 5%, due to the use of natural left hand from social oppression. Which is now increased by 3-5%.

2. As stated in the post, even though both brains are functioning the same, the left part of the brain is dominated by writing, bowling and batting. To the wise please shine a light.
3. Some people are using both hands. I use the right hand, but bowling works the left hand as well as the left hand. Left-leaning has been steadily devolving into something from the history of left-leaning people.

4. When it comes to the study of ergonomics in mechanical designs, I find it quite plausible that this is a case in point. OSHA or similar standards are not considered in this regard. One simple example is that in a normal combination the nut is on the right side, but to the left operator it is inconvenient. But he gets used to it, just like he does.

5. This happens not only in engineering designs but in many cases. As you can see from the stand of a pen, a place to place a fork, a glass of water in a row, and even minor accidents that occur.

6. But in some places it is definitely necessary to think about it. Such as an emergency exit on the plane or some dangerous process. The emergency exit has to be rotated from left to right, but if there is a leftist passenger, it is only natural for him to use his left hand in a reflex action.

Author: Jayesh Nimse, Mumbai (Thanks from Facebook post)

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