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Sony Razdan will be featured in this web series

Sonny Razdan has always chosen stories that he feels he can relate to, the stories he can relate to. Ever since his debut in 1981, he has experienced having a few grandchildren with each role. Many of the changes in the roles they have taken may have changed today. However, their commitment to the roles has not changed. He will be appearing in Hotstar Special's Out of Love. In this series, he has introduced Kamal Kapoor and has built a strong bond with him.

Many artists, including Sonia Razdan, seem to have become better connected to the way digital platforms are worked. Many senior actors in cinema and television are now turning to the streaming platform. Here is where they get the chance to do something better, break the mold. On this, Sony Razdan said, "I am better connected to the web series. Recently I have not been able to adapt to the TV series.

I recently worked on a series. The story of that series was great and I could relate to the character in it. I think stories that are written for the web are more realistic, intelligent and well written. In addition, the personalities of these are well-raised. I think to put it simply, you can say that I like to do what I love to see. "

Directed by Dhulia and Ayaz Khan, Rasika Duggal and Purab Kohli have the lead roles in this series. Rasikane Dr. Meera Kapoor's role has been fulfilled by Poorab. The story of a marriage that is full of betrayal and love is outlined in Out of Love.

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