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Actress Nora Fatehay has to do it by doing the sunglasses, doing the nine, watch the video

Bollywood actress Nora The winner You may have seen several videos on social media, but Nora is going viral with a video rapper king these days, in which the king is seen kneeling in front of Nora. Nora winner will be appearing on Street Dancer 3D soon. He has won the hearts of people with his explosive dance in one of the songs of this film. The viral video is about the same song, in which Norah Fatehai showed the king the stars during the day.
In the video it can be seen that Nora along with the king are watching the song of the movie Street Dancer in the mobile phone with a hot song. Nora speaks to them to steal the movie's signature. The king refuses to accept the challenge, but afterward, Nora seems to be upset.

This video was shared by Nora Winner on her Instagram. It has not been more than 24 hours since the video was uploaded that it has now been viewed more than 16 million times. Fans are also commenting on this video.

Norah Fatih is well known for his dance anyway and he got a lot of headlines by dancing to the heartbreaking songs of Baahubali and Satya Mu.

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