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An absent ulcer


The doctor did not get up, and the captain came and said he wanted to see someone instantly. The doctor hurried into the dispensary room. The patient looks like an olfactory person. The pale face says that he is suffering profoundly. The right hand was cut with a cloth. He was moaning in between trying to get through the pain.

'' Have a weekday. There is no kunuku on the eye. What? Initially not targeted. But for the moment, I could not. If this is the case for the hour, I get mad. Do it immediately. '' The doctor dared. '' Operation may not be necessary. '' The patient sighed again and again. '' I foresee. Does not appear to be ulcerous or swollen. You probably should have seen such a disease! '' 'I have no habit of being surprised by the new disease,' 'said the doctor. But after the test he was really surprised. Patient out of his hand

Turned. '' What is this? What a sickness! Is it not a blink, but a small pinch? ' The doctor asked as he pointed his fingers wherever he showed. '' Is that here? '' 'That .. is alive.' 'The doctor's head snapped and broke his lip. '' The little machaina is not visible. There is no defect, including nervousness. ''
'' Look, here, red as blood. '' The patient stared at the doctor. Doubted that it was insane. '' You think you're mad at me. This ulcer is not giving me life. "Just do the operation here," he said, taking out a pocket (a thousand florin banknotes) and putting it on the table. “Given lakh, I can't seem to risk the operation. The world that bids me foolish. '' 'Pony myself. With the left hand, it is not right. Maybe you should just fix it up and tie it up. "

Chapuna snapped out of the pocket. '' Wait, what's up? I 'll tell you if it is necessary. It is natural to feel fear when bleeding. There is no need for the patient. Cried. He sighed after completing the operation. '' It is comforting to be rid of the pain. Then the doctor looks at the patient at the hotel where he stayed. Patient Gharana's family was educated and respected due to his education. When the wound healed, the patient left his hometown. Three weeks have passed. Again the doctor approached. Like the first, the hand was clothed. Suffering like the first. '' Right there is a tremendous amount of suffering. You didn't stink deeper. My death is near. Please perform the operation again. ''

The trauma has stopped. There was no error in the nerve itself. '' I have never seen anything like it, 'he said.' Again the operation was done. There was no laughter in his face. '' '' If you live again, '' he said. No one could give a satisfactory answer. A month has passed. The patient did not arrive. One day the letter came back instead of the patient. The patient shouted in joy that the patient was in good health. '' Doctor, I don't want to doubt you about my root cause. My pain has doubled and tripled. Six months ago I was not so lucky. I have everything I need to make a thirty-year-old young man happy. Married under the year. My wife is a beautiful girl. A serene child like a queen. Our country's queen and her friendship.

Her love was my life. How is that comfort saying? Every day is better than the last day. If I went by the door I would have stood by the window for myself. When I was blindfolded, I was like a rose. I do not know, I began to doubt that everything is acting. Man is overwhelmed by his greatness, and sorrow is lifted up. My wife had a small table. Its drawers have always been locked. That would have been hard for me. What do I have to be careful about? This doubt made me mad. I had doubts over her simple eyelashes. All this is acting! Cheating !! One day the queen came to our house. I invited my wife into the castle to spend time with her. Come on me too. I didn't go. Come on in the evening. My wife and I tried to open the table as their cart crossed our gate. I opened the drawer on the difficulty. It is full of things that females use. They found one of them. Love it. Beautifully tied with pink ribbon.

I did not think that girls should not be exposed to childhood objects. I am sure these letters will come after our wedding. I started reading one by one. Betrayal and betrayal of a husband are worse. My friend. Prema and Mutual are found on every line. I cannot describe the raging storm in my heart. I put the letters in place. Locked. I know, if I don't go, my wife will come home. It was done as well. I acted like I knew nothing. After lunch we joined the bedroom. I couldn't sleep. How come The night was solemn. Silence throughout. She must be killed. Wake up. Right, I laid on her peek. Use all the force

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