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Cosmetics are in your kitchen

A variety of cosmetics are available in the market to help you look after everything from your hair to your toes. But all of these provisions are made up of chemicals, even when they are not small. Therefore, on some occasions, these cosmetics may also cause allergies. If you want to avoid this risk, it is always more convenient and advantageous to use homemade, natural ingredients. While it may cost you some time to make the cosmetics at home, you should definitely take some time to prepare the cosmetics at home, considering the benefits to your skin or hair.

Olive oil should be used as a natural makeup remover. The cosmetics used for makeup have a slight astringent, which can dry out your skin. Using olive oil to remove makeup not only cleanses the makeup completely, but it also removes dryness of the skin and moisturizes the skin.

In the cold or in the summer, the lips become dry and rough. The solution is easily available in your kitchen, that is, sugar. Sugar eliminates dead cells in the skin, increasing the levels of collagen in the skin. For this, add one teaspoon of coconut oil to a teaspoon of honey. Add two tablespoons of sugar to this mixture, then add a little lemon juice and mix it well. This paste is gently rubbed on the lips. Let the paste remain on the lips for ten minutes, then rinse with water. The lip towel should be gently dry and apply Vaseline. With this remedy the lips will always be soft.

Coconut milk contains high amounts of E vitamins and natural oils that nourish the hair. Avocado contains the protein needed for hair care and nutrients to the hair roots. A mask made with coconut milk and avocado is used for hair, making the hair shiny and soft. To make this mask, combine avocado and coconut milk and paste them. This paste should be applied from the roots to the ends of the hair. Let the paste stay on the hair for half an hour and then wash the hair. These hair masks strengthen hair roots, enhance hair growth.

To maintain skin care every time you go to the beauty parlor, create a great face mask right at home. Tomatoes are a great alternative to smooth, beautiful skin. Vitamin A in tomato is helpful in lightening the scars on the skin. Also, it is rich in magnesium, making the skin glowing, improving the texture of the skin. To make this mask, apply a tomato paste on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. The face should then be washed with cold water. This remedy instantly brightens the skin.

If the hands are dry and covered, a mask can be made at home. In a small spoon of honey add a little lemon juice. In that mixture add one tablespoon of almond powder and one tablespoon of walnut powder. If there is no walnut powder, add one tablespoon of sunflower oil and rub the mixture with your hands. After five minutes wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water. With this measure, the hands will remain soft.
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