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Husband injects his wife with a fork after asking him for an affair

Bengaluru - A 3-year-old man working at a district-level government hospital has been arrested by police for injuring his wife. The shocking thing happened on Monday night. The Ezur police have arrested a husband named Vikantesh in this connection.

Deepa (2) and Vikantesh (2) were married the year before. After marriage, she realized that her husband had an extramarital affair. At that, she tried to explain to him. However, the husband was not listening. Finally, she asked him to answer her and, in his anger, decided to end her.

According to the Times of India, Venkatesh works as a data entry in a government hospital. He knew some drugs. One day he came home with an injection of poisonous drugs and Deepa was sleeping deep, he injected the poison and killed him. Venkatesh admitted Deepa to the hospital. However, upon arriving at the hospital around 9 pm, Deepa was declared dead before treatment. Deepa's family has lodged a police complaint against Venkatesh. Police have taken him into custody and have begun an investigation.

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