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Most of the complaints are against private banks

RBI Ombudsman Report
Complaints against private sector banks According to the RBI's Annual Report of the Ombudsman 2018-19, private sector banks have more complaints than public sector banks. About 54,922 complaints were received against various private banks. This is a lot more than that. Among the public sector banking institutions, 59,522 complaints have been lodged against SBI. About 61,755 complaints have been received by the ombudsman at other national banks.

 In the case of private banking institutions, HDFC Bank reported the highest number of complaints with 15,105, 11,257 with ICICI Bank and 10,010 with Axis Bank. Analysts say the number of complaints in public sector banks is high, compared to the size of private banks. Branch-wise analysis shows that the average number of complaints per department in 2018-19 averaged 1.4. Similarly, Kotak Mahindra Bank had the highest number of complaints at 3.3 per cent, HDFC at 3.0 and SBI at 2.7 per cent. Given the considerable number of complaints lodged in private sector banks, it is easy to imagine what mechanisms might be in place to protect the interests of clients.

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