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Pimpri: Review the proposal passed by the members of the Education Committee, the directions of the Standing Committee

MPC News - Members of the Education Committee of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation have approved the proposal of hiring dramatics expert teachers in the municipal schools, appointing educators, purchasing tabs for the students of VII, first and second students. However, he has been given a break by the Standing Committee. The members of the Education Committee have been directed to revise the proposal passed by the administration.

The Education Committee is working to increase the interest of the students in the municipal schools, to enhance the quality of education among the students and to increase the population of the municipal primary schools. As a part of this, dramatist expert teachers should be appointed in all elementary schools of the municipality.

These teachers will be used to develop the artistic qualities of the students of the municipal school, to give them a bright future. Due to these theatrical experts, these students will be able to get platform from the theater. Therefore, the students will also have a good taste of the school and the trend of the students towards the municipal elementary school will increase further. Therefore, the dramatics expert teachers should be appointed in all the municipal schools.

Seventh grade students in primary school should buy tabs. The Education Committee members had passed a proposal to buy sanitary kits for all 11,208 students in the primary and secondary schools of the municipality. The final approval was sent to the Standing Committee. However, the Standing Committee has given a break to education committee proposals. Chairman of the Standing Committee Vilas Madigeri has directed that the administration should study and revise the matter.

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