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Teen had seizure in UK, saved by friend in US. Here’s what happened

Once in a while, the Internet presents us with such stories which warm up our souls. For example, the tale of two web based gamer companions is leaving individuals heartbroken with joy.

It’s quick-thinking of Dia Lathora that saved Aidan Jackson’s life (representational image).

17-year-old Aidan Jackson, in the United Kingdom, was caught up with playing internet game when he had an abrupt seizure, reports CBS News. His internet gamer companion Dia Lathora, who was sitting 5,000 miles away in the US, heard his trouble. She attempted to get a reaction from him however just heard a troubling sound. Promptly, when she measured the threat and got a move on.

Lathora, a 20-year-old, found a telephone number to a police headquarters in the UK and quickly educated them about the circumstance. They hurried to his home and educated his folks, who were ground floor, that they got a call about an 'incredibly perplexed' male. Fortunately, they discovered him on schedule and his life was spared. It's the brisk considering Lathora which spared Jackson's life.

"I simply set my headset back on and I heard what I could just portray as a seizure, so clearly I began to kick stressed and quickly off asking what was happening and in the event that he was alright," Lathora told People.

"We were at home staring at the TV and Aidan was upstairs in his room," Caroline Jackson, Aidan's mom, told the BBC. "The following thing we saw was two squad cars outside with blazing lights."

They accepted that the autos were in the territory for some other explanation yet were shocked when the police thumped their entryway.

"We are amazingly grateful for what Dia did and stunned that we could be first floor and not realize anything was going on," Caroline said to People. "I've addressed her and communicated our much appreciated — she's simply happy she could help."

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